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BrightHaus - Helping people since 2017

Why did we get into this business? Simple, we love Christmas! Ever since Cory was a little boy he would always decorate the family home. There's just something about that time of year that brings a warm and fuzzy feeling. When Cory turned 15 he started decorating his parents house. The first year was a few hundred lights. It was nice, but it wasn't enough. After seeing an ABC special that year Cory, decided to make the next year more, grand. The following year we went from a few hundred lights to 30,000 covering the entire outline of the home, several large trees on the property, many bushes. The results were so great that people would stop and take pictures and ask "Who did the work? " "Can we get our home done?" Several years past and Cory finally decided to open  the doors to BrightHaus.

Why would you want "someone" to hang lights for you? The answer is, you don't want someone, you want the right person. We are very passionate about the experience out clients receive. We work within any budget. Most importantly we know when to say no. We know, you aren't use to a business saying no. We understand when something is not within our scope. We like to do business the old fashioned way. Eye contact and a firm hand shake. We use software to give us a count of how much product we will need. Our commercial lights have a 2 year warranty. We are 3 years into business and have not had to change a bulb for a client, yet. We do realize that with proper maintenance and storage your display will be bright for years to come. Call us today to see how we can make your house a BrightHaus. Our number is 414-435-3556 or e-mail us at 

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